Snappy app

1. Goal

Snappy application is designed for modern and active people!
In our daily life we actively communicate, relax and do business.
With the Snappy application user can find a list of establishments, located close to user.
To do this, user has to install the application, when visiting any place to ask the cashier for a QR-code and scan it. After completing these steps list of establishments will be available for user.
It also provides more detailed information about the selected establishment, its location and the shares that take place in each of them.
Taking part in shares and events, collecting bonuses user can get guaranteed gifts for purchases made in different places.

We have used in the project the following technologies:
  • CoreGraphic
  • Facebook API
  • FuelPHP Framework
  • Google Maps
  • iOS SDK
  • Json
  • MySQL
  • PHP
  • RestApi
  • Android SDK
  • Java
  • Swift
  • Kotlin

if you have any questions, please CONTACT US