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Why do we prefer Laravel?

Internet Technologies have become an integral part of most businesses these days. Companies are prepared to invest vast amounts of money into the development of software, websites and applications just to satisfy customer’s requests for added comfort and ease of use. Over the years, software developers have created multiple frameworks to help them build applications quicker and more efficiently. However, despite the unprecedented demand for digital solutions and plentiful supply of IT services, the number of reliable and convenient solutions is minimal.

Laravel is the ultimate cross-platform PHP framework, which allows the to approach all sorts of projects in any IDE. Here at Digital Kozak, we have a large team of enthusiastic specialist developers, who know this framework as good as ABC. But why do we choose Laravel among many other instruments?

Thanks to the MVC architecture of Laravel Framework, our specialists are able to create apps of any size and complexity. MVC stands for model-view-controller, and it is a life-saving universal feature, enabling developers to approach any sort of project – from a simple one-action app to complex software for businesses.

Laravel offers various security features, which help to build projects and protect clients’ data simultaneously. For instance, the framework supports out-of-the-box configuration for the authentication and authorization. Laravel has necessary protection tools against common PHP applications vulnerabilities such as code and SQL injections.

Another powerful tool in the framework is testing module. Testing is an irreplaceable part of any development process and Laravel provides methods of unit testing that check-up logical blocks of code on the stage of writing it. Also, Laravel allows developers to create functional tests of separate application processes (creation of GET requests for login page, checking-up if the authentication was successful, etc.).

Starting from 3 version release Laravel supports Artisan command line interface and migrations. Artisan is an ultimate instrument for working with the framework. Alongside with managing the project by existing Artisan commands the developer can also create his own ones. Migrations represent system of database version control and help to correct database as well as track all the updates made in the project by other developers.

These features are not everything that Laravel can offer, but these ones are enough to choose Laravel as development basis. That is acknowledged by the growing popularity among the developers’ community.

The framework provides a perfect combination of tools and services, which simplify the creation of reliable web applications by reducing the amount of necessary code. One of the most significant advantages of working with Laravel is that it makes the routine work simpler, therefore, helps developers to remain focused on truly important tasks – building great, practical business applications.